Year 4 to Year 7 programs

Physical Sciences

Energy and Change – Light, Heat, Electricity, and Forces
(Years 3 to 6)

The light and heat energy from the sun create natural forces in our world. We use this energy to make electricity which is used to make light and heat. Learn about energy with jumping beans, bent light, human circuits, very strong magnets, thunderous hot air, popping water balloons and exploding cornflour. Lots of volunteer interaction.

Energy and Electricity – Magic in the Wire
(Year 6)

Electricity is a magical energy that we can’t live without. How does it move? What do we use it for? How is it made? Can we make it in better ways? We explain it all with electricity balls and human circuits, pencil leads that light up, student hand heaters, solar, wind, hydro generators and exploding biomass.
This show has a sustainability focus

Forces and Motion – Feel the Pull
(year 4)

Forces enable energy to be transferred between objects. We will use the forces in gravity and air to drop basketballs, fly planes, launch rockets, test students strength and even break a ruler (ouch!). We also look at some strange friction, some mighty magnets and weird whirling water. Loads of fun

The Light Fantastic – Seeing Our World
(Year 5)

Light is the basic energy of the universe. It arrives from the sun in a rush and bounces around, allowing us to see and understand our world. We explore how it can be absorbed, transmitted, reflected, refracted and even bent in circles. How do we make it ourselves and what do we use it for? We examine light and have fun with crazy mirrors, lenses, rainbows, lasers, fibre optics and lots more.

Earth and Space Sciences

Earth and Beyond – Our blue planet
(Year 3 to 6)

Volcano’s, earthquakes, rain, wind and other natural forces are always changing our small planet. The planets of the solar systems rotate and orbit the sun. How do these things happen? Come on a journey to discover the mysteries of earth and the universe. We look at the basic forces that power the universe, make models of the sun, earth, moon and also a scaled solar system. We use toy rockets, water rockets and blasting cornflour to explain modern rocketry.

Chemical Sciences

Materials and Mixtures – A Change of State
(Year 3 to 6)

Discover the magic of chemistry! We examine heating, cooling, melting and temperature. The properties of liquids, solids and gases. Natural and processed materials their properties, uses, ways to change them and a little recycling quiz. Strange mixtures, non-mixers and separations. Have fun with flying t-bags, a blasting blowtorch, the big hammer test, slippery slime and bubbles inside bubbles.

Biological Sciences

Life and Growth – Needs, features, and Adaptation
(Year 3 to 6)

What the teachers said

“Excellent show, with very understandable concepts.”

Maylands Peninsula Primary School