Kindergarten to Year 3 program


Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences

Push Pull and Move – Fun with Forces
(Pre-primary to Year 2)

How does pushing and pulling make things move? Does the shape, weight or the material make a difference? Moving on land, water and in the air. We examine these things and lots more. Try shooting the fly remover, battling with air plungers and hitting a target with air. Finish with a hovering drone.

Energy and Movement – Forces, energy and change
(Kindergarten to Year 2)

Explore the forces and energy that move things in our world. Listen for the sound energy and look for the energy in light. Where do light and sound come from? Get hands-on with fruit power, mighty magnets, whirly sound tubes and finish with hovering drones. Lots of fun for all.

Light & Sound – Vital Energy
(Year 1)

We need light energy and eyes to see. The light bounces around and brings all the colour in our world. We need ears, air and sound energy to hear. Learn all about light and sound. we make a sun painting, see crazy reflections, look through a periscope, guess mystery sounds, make music and lots more. Finish with an 8-piece student band.

Biological Sciences

Life & Growth – Needs, Features, and Adaptation
(Kindergarten to Year 2)

Living things have special features which help them live in an environment that meets their needs. We’ll look at growing, moving, breathing….. their differing needs, features, adaptations and places they live.

Earth and Space Sciences

Water – Nature’s Magician
(Year 3)

Amazing water. It can be used in so many ways and has lots of incredible properties and uses. Water is a precious resource which must be collected, stored and transported for our use. Learn about water pollution and conservation with our volunteer river game.

Earth and Weather – A Changing Environment
(Kindergarten to Year 2)

The weather has a huge impact on our daily lives. This show investigates the weather, seasons, sky and water in our world. We feel the wind in our hair, say hello to a real cloud, make dazzling rainbows, make a sun, earth and moon model and launch soft rockets skyward. Lots of volunteers and lots of fun.

Chemical Sciences

Material Mysteries – Properties, Mixtures, and Change
(Kindergarten to Year 2)

An investigation into how the properties and uses of the things around us change. We’ll be bending, bashing, burning, twisting, stretching, heating and more. Unlock the power of mixing and make some very strange stuff like exploding vitamins, dancing currants, magic mud and some very big bubbles. Lots of volunteers

What the students said

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What the teachers said

“Excellent show, with very understandable concepts.”

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